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  1. How to Implement a Foolproof Cybersecurity Plan?

    How to Implement a Foolproof Cybersecurity Plan?

    Cybersecurity is the practice of devising certain implementations such as software, tools and programs to help protect important digital and networking systems from any virtual harm from inside or outside the organization. If you own or help manage a digital business, then you require the services of cybersecurity professionals. There is much more to cybersecurity than simply protecting digital assets and networks. It covers a wide array of areas such as email security, network security, cloud security and more.
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  2. 5 Useful Digital Marketing Tools

    5 Useful Digital Marketing Tools

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Digital marketing is a must-have for businesses and organizations of every caliber. No matter the size of your business, digital marketing can pull you through obstacles in the digital world. These setbacks or obstacles might include not getting enough exposure with your target audience, failing at putting out your products and services to dedicated users, not getting enough ROI or falling short with SEO.
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  3. Secure Coding - What Is It All About

    Secure Coding - What Is It All About

    Categories: Programming Language
    With all of the hype created around us and the technical balloon we all live in, are you interested in coding? Well, it’s not that shocking, isn’t it? The interest in programming is growing day by day … The world unquestionably needs more nerds and geeks like you and me… But, despite being so passionate about coding, you need to ask this question to yourself - are your programs secure? This is the thing that this entire article is about.
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  4. Which Programming Language Is Easiest To Learn

    Which Programming Language Is Easiest To Learn

    Categories: Programming Language
    Figuring out how to program may appear to be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, it's not close to as troublesome as it appears. With a group of resources accessible both offline and online, dedicated networks, and specialists to follow via social networking sites, getting the hang of programming is a lot less complex than it used to be. Indeed, even children can begin programming right off the bat. Notwithstanding, figuring out how to program is tied in with finding the right programming language as it's about the learning procedure.
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  5. Be a Cyber Defender with Top 5 Cybersecurity Courses

    Be a Cyber Defender with Top 5 Cybersecurity Courses

    We are living in the digital world. Let's face the fact that this digital world is not all about the good stuff. Every vital information of our lives is at risk, be it from our personal lives, work lives, or our financial details. Everything is attached to the internet, and we are so dependent on electronic media and digital computing. It is unfortunate for us that the world being a global village is making us more vulnerable to malicious attacks and other unpleasant cyber activities. Well, isn't that the reason why cybersecurity is such a vital part of the digital world? Of course, it is.
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  6. The COVID 19s & Cyber security: 3 Areas of Exploitation

    The COVID 19s & Cyber security: 3 Areas of Exploitation

    The COVID-19 pandemic is a colossal humanitarian crisis that has seriously influenced the worldwide economy. COVID-19 has constrained every other person because of which we turn out to be increasingly reliant on the internet as edgy measures in our everyday lives, for example, social distancing and disturbed economic condition. In cyberspace, such reliance gives birth to vulnerability, and malicious attempts to take advantage of this abrupt and spontaneous cultural shift online have multiplied. Law enforcement authorities report that crooks are, in addition to other things, selling counterfeit COVID-19 cures online, acting like intergovernmental or administrative health associations in phishing messages, and embedding malware into online resources following the pandemic. The efforts to combat cyber-attacks have failed badly and this COVID-19-related spike is the proof.
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  7. Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020?

    Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020?

    Categories: Programming Language
    Even though Java was launched almost 30 years ago, it is still one of the most sought after and valuable programming languages in modern-day technology. In a research led by CodingDojo, Java held the top position in 2019 and took the number one position in the TIOBE Index for February of 2020.
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  8. 2020 Roundup of Cybersecurity Forecasts and Market Estimates

    2020 Roundup of Cybersecurity Forecasts and Market Estimates

    Have you ever wondered why there is this much talk about cybersecurity? No? Let's look into it together. What if we ask you how valuable your information is? It could be your personal information, your financial information like credit card credentials, etc. Let's guess your answer, was it priceless? Well, cybersecurity is the combination of practices and security protocols we use to protect our information from unauthorized access. There can be multiple objectives for these attacks like exploitation, identity theft, and many more.
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