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  1. 2020's Seven Web Development Trends to Notice

    The technology is progressing and evolving at a fast pace. Therefore, following the latest trends and keeping up pace with it is more important than ever. Innovations and trends in technology are massively driven by the internet and the web. Web development trends and techniques have been playing an important role in the advancement of technology. That is why technological interventions are highly dependent on new web development trends.
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  2. Demand of UX Designers in 2020

    Demand of UX Designers in 2020

    Categories: Creative & Design
    “A product is not merely just a product but it is the integration of a miscellaneous experience that helps the product to shine bright in the market,” said Don Norman. Don Norman was known for his invention of the phrase 'user experience'. He also stated that a product goes through several stages before acquiring the seamless final stage, and all of this is possible with the help of UX designers. Before diving into knowing what are UX designers, let us first understand the term UX design.
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  3. Top 5 IT Jobs for Starters

    Top 5 IT Jobs for Starters

    Categories: Career Driven
    IT or Information Technology is referred to as a stream of opportunities that will guide you to a positive and successful route. IT is all about computers, and computers are evolving every day. Information technology is continuously paving new roads to success and laying new foundations for tremendous growth in the tech world.
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  4. How to Become a UX Designer

    How to Become a UX Designer

    Categories: Creative & Design , Career Driven
    UX designing has taken a toll on the tech world. Today, every company is looking forward to hiring various quintessential UX design specialists. A UX design company or a user experience designer manufactures such products that provide the consumers with the archetypal experience. The visual of your brand, its efficiency and its usability depends on this UX design, and only a virtuoso knows how to handle the tools and techniques to carry out the vital functions of the given project. UX Designers have the real hands behind the perfect exhibition of your company's product.
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  5. Free Tools for Front-End Web Development

    Free Tools for Front-End Web Development

    The tech world constantly needs something revolutionary to keep up its A-game in the respected field. Since the introduction of front-end web development, it has been quite riveting in the tech world. The front-end web development segment is the most buzzed sector in business, and it has bloomed ever since its inception. Before diving into the more retrospective terms of front-end web development, let us first understand what this actually is.
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  6. How to Become a Cybersecurity Expert

    How to Become a Cybersecurity Expert

    If you hold practical knowledge in solving complex computer-related problems and are a good communicator, then the field of cybersecurity may be right for you. But those skills alone won't cut it. It’s essential to find a career path in cybersecurity that you want to pursue, put in the required education that supports your skills and complete a practical cybersecurity certification.
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  7. Will a Robot Take Your Job?

    Will a Robot Take Your Job?

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven
    Technological advancement is laying a new foundation for people in sectors where machines are taking over human jobs in their respective fields. The main question in this regard is, will a robot take your job or will you continue to show your expertise in a respected field? Proceed below to fully understand the sensitivity of the topic.
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  8. In-Demand Jobs in Digital Marketing

    In-Demand Jobs in Digital Marketing

    Categories: Career Driven
    Digital marketing is not new but the field has certainly grown in recent years. According to research, there is a high demand for digital marketing skills. Two questions arise after you decide to join the digital marketing sector: what career path will I choose, and what are things to consider when choosing the right career path?
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