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Ed Sattar

Ed  Sattar
Ed Sattar
CEO of QuickStart Technologies

Ed Sattar has invested 20+ years in the e-learning industry and made significant contributions across multiple industries. His experiences include extensive research and consulting to convert training into high impact personalize the learning experiences for a modern learner. He innovated how to deliver compliance training through an LMS without comprising learner retention. Most recently, he has developed a unique proprietary Instructional Delivery Methodology called QS Learn and embedded into industry first cognitive learning platform CLIPP which is based on artificial intelligence. During his tenure, he has identified key criteria and e-learning compliance standards that are currently being published and implemented.

He has been nominated and received several industry-related awards. He has also been ranked among the top CEOs and got his companies listed in Inc 5000 several times among the fastest-growing companies. To get more of his insights, follow this blog.

  1. Top 5 IT Jobs for Starters

    Top 5 IT Jobs for Starters

    Categories: Career Driven
    IT or Information Technology is referred to as a stream of opportunities that will guide you to a positive and successful route. IT is all about computers, and computers are evolving every day. Information technology is continuously paving new roads to success and laying new foundations for tremendous growth in the tech world.
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  2. Will a Robot Take Your Job?

    Will a Robot Take Your Job?

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven
    Technological advancement is laying a new foundation for people in sectors where machines are taking over human jobs in their respective fields. The main question in this regard is, will a robot take your job or will you continue to show your expertise in a respected field? Proceed below to fully understand the sensitivity of the topic.
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