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Sajid Ajmal

Sajid Ajmal
Sajid Ajmal
Microsoft Technologies Consultant

Sajid Ajmal is a Microsoft Technologies Consultant at QuickStart Technology. He has proficiency in various Microsoft based technologies such as SQL, Power-BI, coupled with extensive practical knowledge. 

With an Industry level experience of more than 4 years, making a career in Big Data, Data warehouse, and Business Intelligence development. Strong technical knowledge, and with an attention to detail accuracy in SQL Server/Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Power BI on Premise and Cloud have been his core area of expertise. Database Migration with faults resolution, query optimization and administering SQL Server databases are also at his fingertips. Read more about his ventures by following this blog.

  1. preventing top cyberattacks

    Guarding Against the Top 15 Cyber Attacks

    Categories: Cyber Security

    Guarding Against the Top 15 Cyberattacks

    Businesses are increasingly reliant on technology, and with that reliance comes an increased risk of cyberattacks.

    In this blog post, we will identify the top 15 cyberattacks that businesses can face, and provide tips on how to guard against each type of attack.

    By being aware of these threats and taking measures to protect your company's data, you can help reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a cybercrime.

    What is a cybersecurity attack?

    A cybersecurity attack is any attempt to gain access to, disrupt or damage a computer system or network.

    There are many different types of attacks, and they can vary in their severity. Some attacks may only result in the loss

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  2. how-can-cloud-computing-help-my-organization

    How Can Cloud Computing Help My Organization?

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    How Can Cloud Computing Help My Organization?

    The cloud is one of the most important technological advances in recent memory. It has completely changed the way we use and think about technology, and it has had a huge impact on businesses all over the world.

    Cloud computing can help your organization achieve new levels of success by making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

    In this blog post, we will discuss how cloud computing can benefit your business and help you reach your digital efficiency and data usage goals.

    What is cloud computing?

    Before we dive into how the cloud can help your organization, it’s important to first understand what cloud computing is.

    Cloud computing is the delivery o

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