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Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt  Nagy
Zsolt Nagy
Web Development Team Lead

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. One of his well-recognized pieces of work is “ES6 in Practice” which covers the complete developer’s guide. He has a unique blend of experience in developing web projects and software consultancy with a proven track record of 15 years. He currently leads a Frontend Engineering team at Sociomantic Labs and mentors 10 leads and 35 software developers. He also has expertise in establishing processes, elements of Kanban, and structuring reporting lines.

  1. 2020's Seven Web Development Trends to Notice

    The technology is progressing and evolving at a fast pace. Therefore, following the latest trends and keeping up pace with it is more important than ever. Innovations and trends in technology are massively driven by the internet and the web. Web development trends and techniques have been playing an important role in the advancement of technology. That is why technological interventions are highly dependent on new web development trends.
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  2. Demand of UX Designers in 2020

    Demand of UX Designers in 2020

    Categories: Creative & Design
    “A product is not merely just a product but it is the integration of a miscellaneous experience that helps the product to shine bright in the market,” said Don Norman. Don Norman was known for his invention of the phrase 'user experience'. He also stated that a product goes through several stages before acquiring the seamless final stage, and all of this is possible with the help of UX designers. Before diving into knowing what are UX designers, let us first understand the term UX design.
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  3. How to Become a UX Designer

    How to Become a UX Designer

    Categories: Creative & Design , Career Driven
    UX designing has taken a toll on the tech world. Today, every company is looking forward to hiring various quintessential UX design specialists. A UX design company or a user experience designer manufactures such products that provide the consumers with the archetypal experience. The visual of your brand, its efficiency and its usability depends on this UX design, and only a virtuoso knows how to handle the tools and techniques to carry out the vital functions of the given project. UX Designers have the real hands behind the perfect exhibition of your company's product.
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  4. Free Tools for Front-End Web Development

    Free Tools for Front-End Web Development

    The tech world constantly needs something revolutionary to keep up its A-game in the respected field. Since the introduction of front-end web development, it has been quite riveting in the tech world. The front-end web development segment is the most buzzed sector in business, and it has bloomed ever since its inception. Before diving into the more retrospective terms of front-end web development, let us first understand what this actually is.
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  5. Secure Coding - What Is It All About

    Secure Coding - What Is It All About

    Categories: Programming Language
    With all of the hype created around us and the technical balloon we all live in, are you interested in coding? Well, it’s not that shocking, isn’t it? The interest in programming is growing day by day … The world unquestionably needs more nerds and geeks like you and me… But, despite being so passionate about coding, you need to ask this question to yourself - are your programs secure? This is the thing that this entire article is about.
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  6. Which Programming Language Is Easiest To Learn

    Which Programming Language Is Easiest To Learn

    Categories: Programming Language
    Figuring out how to program may appear to be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, it's not close to as troublesome as it appears. With a group of resources accessible both offline and online, dedicated networks, and specialists to follow via social networking sites, getting the hang of programming is a lot less complex than it used to be. Indeed, even children can begin programming right off the bat. Notwithstanding, figuring out how to program is tied in with finding the right programming language as it's about the learning procedure.
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  7. Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020?

    Is It Worth Learning Java In 2020?

    Categories: Programming Language
    Even though Java was launched almost 30 years ago, it is still one of the most sought after and valuable programming languages in modern-day technology. In a research led by CodingDojo, Java held the top position in 2019 and took the number one position in the TIOBE Index for February of 2020.
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  8. 3 Best Web Development Software for Web Developer

    3 Best Web Development Software for Web Developer

    Web development tools have made considerable progress in only a couple of years. On account of this advancement, we can saddle the intensity of tested libraries to improve our work process and advantage from more prominent prospects with regards to responsive design and quick development. Not just that, we can develop things together and the credit goes to ever-evolving version control frameworks. From processors that smooth out your code to add-ons, plugins, and modules, there have never been more opportunities for making wonderful web applications.
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