A product is not merely just a product but it is the integration of a miscellaneous experience that helps the product to shine bright in the market,” said Don Norman.
Don Norman was known for his invention of the phrase 'user experience'. He also stated that a product goes through several stages before acquiring the seamless final stage, and all of this is possible with the help of UX designers. Before diving into knowing what are UX designers, let us first understand the term UX design.

What is UX Design?

UX is the shorthand form used for the term user experience design. UX design is used to provide the users with those products that deliver the most riveting and enthralling experience to its users. UX design is also used to provide an aesthetic spectacle to its users, and it takes the segments of design, branding, function and usability under its command to provide the best user experience.

What are UX Designers?

UX designers are the real heroes behind the success of your product, because they take everything into account before jumping into the final stage of the product. UX designers undertake multidisciplinary fields such as programming, visual ad interactive design, psychology and affectivity. UX designers put their efforts into the creation of a product that proves its worth to the users by meeting their every demand. They consider every aspect of the user along with the physical restrictions to help make the product accessible.

Roles and Responsibilities of the UX Designers 

UX designing is a diverse field that consists of a variety of roles that are hard to find in any other field in the tech world. Some of the roles of UX design are listed down below.

  • Researcher of User Experience
  • UX Copywriter
  • Product Designer
  • Information Architect/UX Architect
  • UX Analyst

A UX designer knows every little detail about the product. The designer knows what features and functions are required and how those functions must be molded to form an aesthetically pleasing product. The roles of UX designers have been cleared out but the most important thing is the responsibilities of each UX designer that must be carried out with the never-ending effort. Some of those responsibilities are mentioned below.

  • A UX designer must be able to carry out testing of the usability of the given product.
  • In order to enhance the visual appeal of the brand, a UX designer must know how to create storylines and personas.
  • The UX designers must know data interpretation to know the inner functions of the brand and its smooth running.
  • The designer must meet the demands of the users for a qualitative response.
  • The UX designer must be able to track down the brain of the users to find out every possible detail that they may want to add to the product. A UX designer must be a good researcher.
  • The prototypes of the product must be exactly the same as the innermost data.

Demand of UX Designers

UX designers come second in line to make a revolutionary change in the tech world. The demand for these designers has been booming for the past years. There has been a jaw-dropping increase in hiring UX designers. A company that has already hired such professionals is hunting down 20 to 30 more UX professionals with the accurate expertise in the field. On the other hand, small companies are now willing to hire at least two to three UX professionals.

According to various reports, 87% of the top-notch organizations are looking for UX experts and consider it their highest priority. In the following five years, about 73% of the managers are planning to get the number of UX professionals doubled, whereas in the upcoming year this doubling will be increased by 40%. On the other hand, 63% of the organization hired more than five UX professional designers in 2019.

Job and Average Salary

The job roles played by the UX designers have already been mentioned above, but it is of no surprise that every role pays more than you can expect. The demand for UX designers is prospering and so is the salary. The average salary for these professionals is $80,928 annually, and it can reach up to $113,368.

Pursue a Career as a UX Designer

If you want to make an impressive career in the tech world, then beginning your journey in the IT industry as a UX designer can be really effective. As you've already read about the demand of the UX designer professionals, it's about time that you become one. A UX Bootcamp  provides you with advanced training in the field with miscellaneous certifications for every goal. Your dream of becoming a successful UX designer is just one click away.