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Title: QuickStart Career Services  

Sub-title: Build A Career with Expert Guidance 

Meta Title: Career Services | QuickStart 

Meta Description: QuickStart provides services to bootcamp students including 1-on-1 coaching, resume support, educational sessions, and more to help students build careers. 

Short Description Sentence: All QuickStart education programs include career services, which encompass resume building guidance, interview preparation and practice, office hour sessions, and more! 

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  1. Section A - Program Features 

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Title: “Career Services Program” 

The QuickStart Career Services program is designed to help students who have recently completed their IT Education program and need to prepare for their job search. Our goal is to help students successfully find a career opportunity through one of our traditional or train-to-hire job partners. Our comprehensive services include: 

1-on-1 Student Support 

  • LinkedIn Profile Guidance 
  • Resume Building Guidance 
  • Job Interview Preparation & Practice 
  • Self-Paced Career Preparation Education Course 
  • Accountability Support During Your Search 

Office Hours & Educational Group Sessions 

  • Career Topics 
  • Job Search Topics 
  • Open Question & Answer Time 

Additional Areas of Support 

  • Employer Presentation Sessions 
  • Internship Opportunities 
  • Employer Partner Introduction & Referrals 


Text: “Read the Official Terms & Conditions of the QuickStart Career Services Program” 

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  1. Section C – section explaining the types of career opportunities 

Title: “Career Opportunities That We Offer” 

We have two different types of career opportunities that we aim to prepare our students for, Train-to-Hire and Traditional. These opportunities are provided to students through our partnership with various technology company partners, and in your initial career counseling session we will discuss which option fits your needs and goals best.  


Our train-to-hire partners are IT staffing firms whose clients have a need for tech talent, often with multiple positions open for the same role – typically larger corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Train-to-hire partners that we work with do not always require a degree or prior IT field experience, however, many do require at least an associate's degree for consideration.  

This process is mainly driven through our partner, who completes the sourcing, evaluation, hiring, and training to prepare new hires to work with their clients. The graduate is then hired as a W-2 employee under the IT staffing firm, instead of the client company to the staffing firm.  

In most cases, our students have signed 2-year contracts with the staffing firm, and will undergo extra training, which may include more certifications and is paid for by the staffing firm. Once assigned to a specific client, rarely will a contracted employee be assigned to a new client company. Note: the contracted train-to-hire employee can be “converted” at any time to a full-time employee of the client company.  


Our traditional employment partners are employers or companies of multiple sizes that require technical talent. These companies may be expanding operations, backfilling empty tech roles, or requiring additional entry-level positions. Requirements for this type of career opportunity can vary by client, though often a bachelor's degree is a strongly preferred qualification to be considered. 

The career services team works to continually develop our employer partnerships, and is also looking to develop a program for internships and/or apprenticeships, which may help to open up this opportunity for those students who may not possess a Bachelor’s degree.  

Note: Students who accept a traditional job opportunity will work directly with the hiring company to determine compensation and all other terms of employment. 



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Title: “Learn More About Our Career Partners” 

We partner with well-known companies to provide opportunities to connect our students with available internships, traditional jobs, and train-to-hire jobs in the IT field. 



  1. Section E: Team Bios 

Title: “Meet Our Team” 

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  • Ali Syed, Director of Corporate Partnerships  
  • Ali is a sales and partnerships professional with a successful track record in B2B sales. In his previous roles- as a CEO of his start-up and with Capital Factory, a startup incubator, he had been building successful partnerships with global corporations and international governments. He is passionate about helping fast-growing technology companies connect with top technical talent.  
  • As Director of Corporate Partnerships at QuickStart, Ali works together with the B2B Sales, Career Services, and Marketing teams toward the mutually beneficial goal of helping drive talent pipeline strategies for enterprises and connecting QuickStart's amazing students with employment opportunities. 
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  • Gwen Gayhart, Director of Career Services 
  • Gwen is Masters-trained in Psychology with a focus on Community Counseling and Career Coaching. She has broad business experience coaching entrepreneurs and C-suite executives, spent several years leading recruiting teams for Fortune 500 employers and is certified in Performance-based Hiring. In 2017, Gwen applied what she had learned about effective hiring processes to begin her new career of guiding bootcamp graduates and career changers through the job search.  
  • She’s never happier than when the students she works with land their next big opportunity – something she feels very fortunate to be a part of. Gwen’s other passions include: regular Disney visits, reading, spending time with her family and her beloved Border Collie, Sterling. 

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  • Kevin Abidi 
  • Kevin is a results-focused technical recruiter with experience interviewing and placing a wide variety of tech talent, from Software Engineers to Data professionals to Network and Security Engineers. He has a knack for guiding entry-level talent through the challenges of those intimidating technical interviews. He'll walk you through the interview process and provide feedback on how to improve. 

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  • Roger Eli Paul  
  • Roger studied business at university and spent 17 years working in HR and Administration. He has a particular interest in the analysis of data and has developed skills in guiding students as they build their job search materials. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about business and finance. 

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  1. Section F – FAQs 

Title: “Career Services FAQs” 


When will I get access to Career Services 

You'll have access to resources as soon as you enroll, starting with our proprietary self-paced course, Prepare Yourself for the Job Market.  1:1 support will be available to you once you have completed 75% of your bootcamp program and for up to 6 months post-graduation. We're even here to provide support once you’ve moved on to your job opportunity - alumni are eligible for up to three 30-minute sessions with one of our Career Advisors. 


Are Career Services included with the cost of the bootcamp? 

Yes! All our bootcamps include access to Prepare Yourself for the Job Market, our self-paced Career Services course, as well as profile- and resume-building support, interview practice, and employer partner opportunities, where relevant. 


Is a job guaranteed after completion of the bootcamp? 

A job cannot be specifically guaranteed, since hiring is a personal transaction, we have no control over whether a student/graduate chooses to accept a job offer once it's received. However, we do take responsibility to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to get a job in the industry. We do offer a money-back guarantee* if you are unable to secure a qualifying job offer.  


*terms & conditions apply (link the text to the below) 

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Do you have employer partners (and will you introduce me to them)? 

Our list of employer partners grows every day. Our goal is to have more available job openings with partner employers than graduates, so we will work to connect you with employers regarding appropriate opportunities as often as possible.  


Can I get a job without a degree? 

A college degree is a standard benchmark that employers have used to narrow the candidate pool for decades, so it doesn’t hurt to have one. However, in today’s tight labor market, more employers are having to adjust the criteria they use to disqualify people from their hiring process.