Zsolt Nagy

Web Development Instructor

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living in Berlin, Germany. He is also known for his recorded lectures and books. One of his well-recognized pieces of work is “ES6 in Practice” that covers the complete developer’s guide. He has a unique blend of experience in developing web projects and software consultancy with a proven track record of 15 years.

He currently leads a Frontend Engineering team at Sociomantic Labs and mentors 10 leads and 35 software developers. He also has expertise in establishing processes, elements of Kanban, and structuring reporting lines.

Zsolt’s passion is to bring his expertise, insight, and problem-solving skills to continuously improve and innovate products and processes and help other team members reach peak performance.

Qualifications and Education:

The Technical University of Budapest 2001 – 2006

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