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The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is a 28-week accelerated, online training designed to get you certified and hired.

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Becker College School of Graduate & Professional Studies Cybersecurity Bootcamp not only equips you with the necessary skills, but also prepares you to earn in-demand and globally accepted cybersecurity certifications. This bootcamp is designed to be flexible, allowing students with full-time careers to enroll and start their journey to becoming well rounded cybersecurity experts.

Certificate of Achievement

At your successful completion of the bootcamp, you shall be awarded a certificate from Becker College.

Set Your Own Schedule

Our self-paced training allows you to set your own schedule and pursue the online cybersecurity bootcamp while working.

Post-Graduate Support Program

Graduates can choose from a Job Assistance or IT consultation training once they successfully complete their bootcamp.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Two sessions every week with a tenured industry expert to mentor you and to answer your questions.

Real World Learning

Build a portfolio with a Capstone project simulating actual industry challenges.

Multiple Payment Options

Besides the self-payment option, you have the option to apply for scholarships, financing models, interest-free installments and more.

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Our comprehensive cybersecurity bootcamp curriculum is designed to be multi-disciplinary and simultaneously serve training for certification exam prep. Students will learn about hardware, operating systems, networking, coding in python and will progress to penetration testing over the course of 28 weeks.

Study Plan

in Weeks

Course Name

1 - 2

Course 1: Hardware and Operating System Fundamentals

Learn how operating systems work, their role in modern systems, and essential troubleshooting techniques.

3 - 4

Course 2: Networking Fundamentals

Learn how disparate components connect to form complex networks. Master the concepts of popular communication protocols, the configuration of routers/switches, and TCP/IP implementation.

5 - 7

Course 3: Security Fundamentals

Learn data security and auditing fundamentals. Identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks. It also includes a primer on industry best practices of securing software and hardware assets.

8 - 9

Project A (Security)

10 - 11

Course 4: Python Programming: Introduction (LO-94010)

A comprehensive practical-based course component that helps students develop proficiency in Python programming.


Project B (Python)

13 - 16

Course 5: Ethical Hacking

Discover how malicious hackers attack systems and learn the tactics needed to thwart online attacks.

17 -19

Project C (EH)

20 -22

Choose ONE of two electives
Option A: Course 6: CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)

Explore the role played by Cybersecurity Analysts and learn the skills required to thrive in this demanding role.

Option B: Course 6: CompTIA PenTest+

Discover how malicious hackers attack systems and learn the tactics needed to thwart online attacks.

23 -24

Choose ONE of two electives
Option A: Capstone Project (CySA+)

Option B: Capstone Project (PenTest+)

25 - 28

Project Labs

Labs are an interactive experience where you access remote environments and participate in coding exercises, development scenarios, and hands-on training in a remote desktop scenario.

NOTE: Windows Operating System would be required to use some of the tools included in the Program.

Explore Curriculum

You will be Prepared for Highly Renowned Industry Certifications

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Security+


CompTIA Network+

Ethical Hacking

CompTIA Pentest+

Cybersecurity Jobs are Growing at a Record 32% per Year (Source: US. BLS)

The number of available jobs in Cybersecurity exceed the number of individuals available. Becker College online cybersecurity bootcamp combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills to develop you into a well-rounded cybersecurity expert. This bootcamp will enable you to break into the ever-growing cybersecurity industry.

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Security Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Penetration Tester
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Security Consultant

According to, the median salary for different job roles in the cybersecurity sector is ranging from $72,000 to $145,000.

Choose Your Learning Track

Program Features

Immersive Cybersecurity


Duration Both Master and Specialist are 28-weeks, accelerated training programs with a focus on creating the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Students get access to the Master Curriculum in Self-paced or Upskill track. On-demand coaching sessions are available in Self-paced track
28 weeks 28 weeks
Mentor-led sessions Depending on your program choice, mentors will give up to four quality hours every week in the form of LIVE sessions. Students can choose from either afternoon or evening sessions. These LIVE sessions will be recorded, and students will get the access link of recorded sessions within 24 hours from the respective Academic Advisor. 2 hrs session, 2x per week Class 1: Weekdays starting 5pm(CST)
Class 2: Saturday starting 8am(CST)
1 hr session, once a week Monday to Fridays starting 5pm(CST)
Saturday starting from 8am(CST)
Certification exam preps Each module prepares students for leading industry certifications in cybersecurity, including CompTIA CySA+, PenTest+, Security+, Network+, A+ and CEH.
Capstone projects The capstone project is intended to show the knowledge students have gained from the courses they have finished in the cybersecurity bootcamp.
Career support Get career counselling to secure a qualifying position in the relevant industry. Graduates will be taken through a continuous process of job-hunting support, interview preparation, CV preparation, mock call interviews, GitHub updates and much more, all with an aim to help them get noticed by top recruiters and companies. 12-months access 12-months access
Virtual labs Sharpen the skills learned in the bootcamp with practical labs and get yourself prepared for real-world application with projects and hands-on activities.
Annual course access By purchasing any of the programs, students will get access to 100+ courses for the entire year.
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Why Enroll at Becker College

Becker College, which is recognized as one of the top online colleges in Massachusetts (according to SR Education Group), is also proud to offer an online Bootcamp program in Cybersecurity. The 28-week training provides quality education in a flexible format, allowing you to invest in yourself while holding a full-time job.

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp will inculcate theoretical knowledge, along with practical skills demanded by the cybersecurity industry. By the end of this bootcamp, you will not only have learned in-demand cybersecurity skills from industry experts but will also be prepared for 6 top-rated certification exams, including the highly coveted EH Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker.

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